Where to Find the Best Matcha in Brooklyn

Matcha — Brooklyn Broad

You know the friend that always knew about that band before it was mainstream?

That’s 100% not me (I still rock out to The Offspring…). But, with matcha…ooooh boy I’m going to regale you with my history.

When I was a student at Boston University, I use to walk to Allston to an actual internet cafe. It was this Korean place that served bubble tea. I think it was the first place I ever had it. I had drank green tea (the kind you could get from Bigelow at Wal-mart) since I was 14 or so, but had never heard of matcha (which I pronounced match (like a matchstick)- ah (like hold your tongue out).

For whatever reason, I decided to order it, and I fell in love. To me, it was earthy-seaweedy-not sweet and so great on a muggy, armpit-summer Boston day. At the time, my friends wouldn’t go near it. You couldn’t find it anywhere.

That was almost 13 or more years ago.  Now, it’s literally everywhere in every form (matcha cheesecake, match coffee cake, ice cream, matcha mints). It’s the age of matcha madness and it makes me PUMPED.

Now that I live in New York, I want to share where I’ve found matcha in Brooklyn in my wanders throughout the borough.

Bed Stuy

Stonefruit Espresso – 1058 Bedford Ave

Oh man this cafe is so charming. Plants everywhere, concrete and raw material styling reminicent of a better version of Anthropologie and lots of interesting drinks to choose from besides matcha. You’ll find matcha lattes here with the option to have it sweetened with honey.


Boreum Hill

Commons Cafe – 388 Atlantic Ave

mon-fri: 8am – 6pm
sat-sun: 9am – 6pm

(wifi + bathrooms!)

When you walk into this place, it doesn’t really seem like a cozy cafe, since the front is a little bare. The back space, however, is HUGE and seems like the study room of a college student center. Tons of room, wifi, and best of all, matcha.

Matcha ~$5-$6

Carroll Gardens & Cobble Hill

Cantine – 126 Union Street

mon-fri: 7:30am – 4pm
sat-sun: 8am – 4pm

(wifi + bathrooms!)

I love this place! The hours aren’t the best, but I’ve always found a table and the backyard is adorable.

You can get it “Americano” (hot water + matcha, the more traditional way to drink it), or as a latte. The price is decent and I’ve never had a bad cup here.

Matcha ~$4

Velvette Brew – 251 Smith Street

mon-fri: 6am – 6pm
sat-sun: 7am – 6pm

(wifi + bathrooms!)

Ohhh this place has never let me down. Great matcha (iced oat milk latte is my go-to here..it is about $7 though!), tons of outlets, friendly staff, and never too crowded.

Match ~$5-$7

Smith Canteen – 343 Smith Street

mon-fri: 7am – 5pm

No wifi (of course not..no bathrooms either)

Ugh. This place annoys me. One of my pet peeves is cafes with no decaf espresso beans. This is one of them (But matcha is caffeinated, you say! Well yeah, but the buzz you get is so much milder than espresso. I love the taste of coffee and would like options! Also…what about pregnant people or those intolerant to coffee or people with heart problems?!)

Anyyyyways. They do have oat milk, but each time I’ve had an oat milk matcha latte here it’s tasted…a little light on the matcha side. It’s hot, creamy oat milk with a touch of matcha. You also won’t find it made Americano style (I asked and was greeted with a blank stare). The baristas here are veryyyy not into being in the customer service industry. It’s a shame because this place is right near the Carroll St F stop.

Redeeming quality: Matcha almond gluten-free loaf $4 (delicious, not always available)

Matcha latte ~$5-7 w/milk choice


I avoid this hipster wasteland & the only place I’ve had matcha in this ‘hood is MatchaBar which is now permanently closed!

Places I Wish Had Matcha

Henry’s Local – 570 Henry Street

East One Roasters – 384 Court Street

Outpost – 1014 Fulton Street

Daily Press – 505 Franklin Avenue

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