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Brooklyn Broad aims to serve kickass stories, guides, and jumbled word salsas to every poor soul who lands on the site. As someone who has never had one answer to “what are you passionate about,” or “what do you want to grow up to be,” Brooklyn Broad covers a diverse, eclectic, and random set of topics.

Why Brooklyn and why Broad?

Well, for one, I live in Brooklyn and I identify as a broad.

As someone who grew up watching Turner Classic Movies (shoutout to my fellow screwball comedy fans!), a broad, to me, was a woman who spoke her mind, ruffled feathers without a care, and lived a life she wanted. I like it much better than girl, woman, babe, or chick.

Anyways, it rolls off the tongue well enough.


Diverse, land of immigrants, a melding of many people.

excerpted from the Brooklyn Historical Society



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